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Las vegas escorts and for many people, sex and money go hand in hand. In fact, it’s reported that almost two third of millennial have used money to manipulate or take control of their sexual partners. But, it’s not millennial only that have this perception towards sex and money. Some men have traditionally viewed women as sex objects. Women on the other hand think of men are objects of success.

Many people believe that whoever earns or has the most money has control over the direction that a relationship takes. Though both partners in a relationship need love, men tend to like women that are generous in bed. Women like men that are generous with their money and willing to spend it on them. To a man, good sex is the best form of expression of love by a woman while women are easily moved by the assurance of financial security.

How People Relate Money with Sex

There are conflicting statements regarding sex and money. In fact, this topic brings about a heated debate in most cases. Here are thoughts that people have regarding sex and money in the 21st century.

All men want is sex

Most women believe that men are always looking for sex. They believe that men are ready to spend money on women that provide it the way they desire. Such women are of the opinion that as long as they give men sex, getting money from them isn’t a big deal. Such women go to any length in terms of providing sex in exchange for money. To them, sex is a minefield that should be explored for financial security.

Women spend too much money

Most men agree that money is not the only means to get sex from women. However, money can easily convince a woman into surrendering her body. Many men believe that the more money they give to women, the higher their chances of getting sex in return.

Money is power

Both men and women attest to the fact that money is one of the greatest forms of power. A man that has enough money can have his way into anything he desires. That’s why men that have money get the women they desire with ease. Similarly, wealthy women get the men they desire without struggle. Even among married couples, the partner with more money is in charge of the relationship.

The debate about sex and money will continue to rage on for years. Many people believe that as long as you have money, you don’t have to struggle to have sex.

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