How to Make Cloud Eggs ?

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What are Cloud Eggs? How to make them and more importantly, why should you make them at home? We know they are delicious and healthy too. But how did they become so popular? It seems to have something to do with all the publicity surrounding them. But before I go into the details of how to make them, let me tell you why they are so good for you and what you can do with them.

If you like dark, rich and delicious eggs, then these are just for you. They are light and fluffy, just like an airy egg. What is it that gives them this rich and velvety texture? It’s none other than the secret ingredient – Chia. Chia seeds soaked in water are a quick and easy way to make your eggs taste better.

These little guys are actually eaten by most of us every single day. So, they are already used to the texture and flavor. However, they were rather bland until recently. That is because cultivation of this very nutritious herb began back in the 19th century and ever since, it has been a mainstay in healthy and delicious foods.

Wondering how to make them? How to make them fluffy? Simple just add some chia seeds to your eggs and poach them on some hot griddle. You will instantly witness their fluffy texture. So, you see, adding chia to your food is not only for those who want to lose weight.

To further add to their flavor, you may bake them. Don’t worry, they stay crisp and chewy no matter what type of bread or baked product you use. I bet they will even taste better cooked in your own kitchen. If you are having trouble baking with chia, just use whole wheat flour instead and don’t worry about being too careful. The same goes for oatmeal.

As for how many eggs you should eat in a day, that all depends of you and your family’s individual capacity. If you are overindulgent in eating, you can probably get away with more. However, if you are trying to maintain your energy levels throughout the day and you tend to have small snacking breaks in between, six or eight would be a good number. In any case, keep your consumption on track and healthy.

If you want to add something that you can easily eat, chia seeds can do the trick. They are very small, so you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything. You can sprinkle them onto anything you want to make it taste better, from pancakes and waffles to muffins and sandwiches. It is very easy to add them to your diet and still lose weight.

How to make Cloud eggs is all about indulging in healthy foods. Don’t worry about what other people are eating. Just make sure that what you are eating will make you happy and will also keep you healthy. By staying away from bad carbs, you will surely improve your health and start seeing that good body that you have always wanted.

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